Friday, March 12, 2010

In case you have missed us at all....

Here we are!!!

Left to Right:
Kristi, Kati, Kelsey (I call her Kelsey Poo), MEEEE, My sweet pony named Armande, Michelle (I call her Michelley), and Callie. Somehow Jessalyn didn't make it into the pic..


Redbelt2 said...

Sweet glasses.

Redbelt2 said...

Is Armand a wild honeymoon stallion?

Redbelt2 said...

Was Jessalyn embarrassed because she didn't have glasses too?
I don't think this is directed at your pony.

Redbelt2 said...

Do you guys do dance routines on YouTube? Cuz I would totally watch them. (Like Aidy's)

Julie Ann said...

Dear Dracie,
The look on your face in this pic is so typical Grace Ann that it cracks me up and makes me think of "that doggie in the window."
Love, Dulie

Elisabeth Renee said...

you should post on here again sometime