Friday, April 16, 2010

I hate lists....

BUT....there is a phenomenal list that we worked on in chapel last week that I absolutely love! In our ladies chapels we've been talking about the mind. Transformation of the mind, taking our thoughts captive, thinking on what is true, etc. As we discussed this, we talked about what our culture says we should be or look like verses what Scripture says we should look like. So many times we work hard to conform ourselves and our minds to the things that the world values. We get upset and discouraged when we find that we don't fit in with what our culture says we should be. It all comes down to what we're thinking about. What do we consider to be true?

As we discussed all of this, we began to talk about our identity in Christ. Forget what the world says I am or what it says I need to be....what does the Bible tell me is true of me? So we began to make a list. Seriously, there were no pauses between answers. We kept throwing them out there and could have kept going if we didn't have to stop for time's sake! Ephesians tells us that as believers, we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenlies! We are positioned in Christ.

In Christ, and in Him alone, I am......
-at peace with God
-eternally secure
-placed in Christ
-a new creation
-an heir
-a friend of God
-a daughter of God
-dead to sin
-seated in heaven
-given new life
-alive to God
-united with God
-declared righteous
-blessed with every spiritual blessing
-filled with the Holy Spirit
-adopted as a SON (the significance of adoption as a son is that the son receives
the inheritance)
-a co-laborer
-an ambassador
-a saint
-a member of the Body
-the Bride of Christ
-a bondservant of Christ

The list could go on and on! THIS is true! This is who God says I am. It is so important to know that I'm dwelling on what I know is true rather than what I hope is true. I have been provided with everything that I need to live a life of godliness. God is at work in my life every moment of every day, transforming me into the image of His Son. He doesn't want me to look transformed....He wants me to BE transformed! The flesh no longer has authority over my life. God is the One who has the authority and I can rest in the knowledge of who I am in His Son and know that He is the One who is at work in my life to transform it and conform it to His image!

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