Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a good day!

Yesterday was just a spectacularly phenomenal day. It consisted of:

- Hearing my classmates giving their speeches on what God has been teaching them since they've come here to NTBI.

-GETTING A HUG FROM KATIE BETTS!!!!!!!!! Oh my lanta....I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a person in all my life.

-Singing to Annabelle....she was totally out of it, but I had fun singing to her.

-Walking to work in this fabulously warm weather!

-Eating dessert before dinner. Delectable chocolate cake, thanks to Chloe.

-Sitting and chatting with Chloe while we fed Annabelle.

-Being able to show Chloe the song about Heaven that I wrote for Uncle Jeffy. I stood there with this woman that I've been trying to share the TRUE Word of God with, watching her listen to this song that I wrote that has a Gospel message in it and it really hit me....THIS is why I write. Any my enormous thanks to my dad for doing what it took to get my songs recorded...it's the only way that I was able to share it with her!

-Walking outside to go home from work and looking up into a supremely clear sky full of supremely bright stars!!! My heart just about burst with joy at that!

-Talking with 3 of the girls that I love most before I went to bed!!

Thank you Lord for those lovely days you give us that are sprinkled with small blessings that fill my heart with Your voice saying "I love you Gracie!"

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Redbelt2 said...

An extremely great day!