Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet Hazel & Domingo :)

So you've all heard me talk about Hazel and Domingo from my least I think you have. They have adopted all New Tribers that have attended their church for many, many years. Every Sunday afternoon we head over to their lovely house where they feed us, and then we just hang through their woods and feed the fish in their lake....ah yes, it's lovely. They are two lovely, loving people. They love to make me sing for them in Spanish as often as possible. Domingo can also be called Cupid...he loves to matchmake...sometimes not so well. lol But he is wonderful and adorable. I call him Abuelito. When I came to their house after being away for the summer, he gave me a huge hug and said "Welcome home." I truly think that people like Hazel and Domingo and the Potters are the reason that I have hardly been homesick since I first came to NTBI. I am truly blessed!

Pictures courtesy of Abigail Smith (and doctored up by meeeee)

Meet Domingo. :)

Meet Hazel, Domingo, and my wonderful friend Steven.

And here are some pics of their lovely property.

Aren't the fall colors phenomenal?! I love this time of year. :)


Redbelt2 said...

I'm thankful for Hazel and Domingo also. They make my heart lighter.

Bri said...

i miss your face!
some day i still want you to come see me!!!

leililan said...

maybe when we're all up there for your graduation we can do our spanish song set for domningo!

Grace B. said...

He would LOVE it! haha