Monday, October 5, 2009


Sometimes I think I'd like to return to kindergarten. School was easy. We got nap-time, snack-time, and recess. Coloring was a daily part of life (boy do I miss that...). The world was seemingly carefree. Every time I fell down I got a band-aid and a kiss from my mommy. Decisions were made for me and heartbreak was healed by a simple hug from someone who cared. Spiritual responsibility was limited to Jesus loves me and children obey your parents. Life was easy and I was cared for. easy always better? No, Grace. Easy isn't always better.

The world seemed carefree....but I was just blinded to reality because I didn't have to deal with it yet. Just because I couldn't see it doesn't mean that it wasn't there. Sure, life is more fast-paced and busy. I don't get naps and all the comforts of life. But there are so many people out there who have no idea what comfort is. Why am I complaining? Rather than having my main project be coloring, instead I get to be creative in learning how to bring color into other people's lives. Sometimes those colors are bright, sometimes I have to use darker hard colors....but that's just the shading that makes the final picture beautiful. Praise God for dark colors in the painting of life! I now have to make my own decisions....but accompanied with this responsibility is the opportunity to talk to God and look to His Word for guidance and then comfort if I have to do hard things for Him. When my heart is heavy, I still get kisses from my mom and dad. More recently, I get visits and hugs from Becky. I get love, hugs and comfort (also comfort food) from the Potters. I get caring words, hugs, and prayers from Tori, Chrissy, Kaylee, and Don. I get beautiful flowers from Elisabeth. I get so so so much love, more than I've ever deserved. AND instead of sticking with Jesus loves me and obey your parents, I get inexpressible joy, unfathomable riches in Christ, boldness to come before the throne of grace, eternal life, and so so so much more!!!!

So kindergarten....was great. But, harder doesn't always mean worse.
God is faithful.
God is sufficient.
I can trust Him in all things.
I am loved.

Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!!

These are the lovely flowers that were waiting in the office for me today. :) Thank you Elisabeth!!


jbj said...

Great thoughts Grace. I needed that today too! Love you!

Mama B

amy said...

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so, little ones to Him belong they are weak but He is strong. This is doctrine I rely on daily and in the hardest times singing this that I learned before kindergarten brings tears to my eyes, knowing how weak and undeserving I am yet how much He loves me and knowing that even now just like when I was 4 I can trust Him I am praying for you. Oh and I still color!! and I make my students color too just because I can!