Thursday, November 12, 2009 school is a little different than most schools....

About 2 weeks ago, my friend Tessa came up to me and said "I hope your afternoon is free....Rex is taking us for a drive." You might ask....who is Rex? Rex Gutwein is the President of NTBI, Jackson. He is one of the sweetest people in the world!!! I like to just wander into his office and talk to him. He gives phenomenal advice and is really one of the most caring people I've ever met. So that day, me, Tessa, and our friends Michelle and Febe all piled into Rex's car and he took us on his favorite scenic drive to see all of the spectacular colors in all of the trees! It was remarkable!!! We'd drive and someone would say "STOP" and he'd halt the car and we'd all pile out and they would take pictures. (I would have, but my camera is in California. Sad day.) There were some of his favorite spots that we'd have to hike through the woods to find. We ended in a beautiful old cemetery. As odd as it sounds, I love old cemeteries. The history behind each person there is so intriguing to me. Plus, I just think they're plainly beautiful. Anyway, after we drove and looked for almost 3 hours, Rex took us back to his house and we had dinner with him and his wife Linda. Then he built us a fire in his backyard and we sat around and chatted for a few more hours. It was truly one of the highlights of my entire semester! Here are some pics from the day, taken my the lovely Michelle Outson. She's phenomenal. ;)

Me & Tessa


This headstone dates all the way back to 1777!!! I love being able to see and touch things that are that old. Each person has a story. I find it fascinating!!!

I know this is a really long post...but you have to admit...the pics are great! Good job Michelle and thank you Rex!


amy said...

I am so jealous. Fall is the only season that I truly miss from living in Nebraska. enjoy the colors!

aj said...

wow so cool.. so jealous.. i miss miss miss the fall and the beautiful colors of the flowers and the cool crisp chill in the air... and how fresh everything seems and ahhh you friend's pics make me want to go to back home for a stay