Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wonder of Wonders.....Miracle of Miracles!!!

For those that either don't believe that it will ever happen or refuse to believe that it HAS happened.....there really is an animal that I, not only tolerate, I truly love him.
Ladies and Pete!

This is a picture of Pete sharing my wonderful surprise birthday party with me!!! I couldn't walk at the time, so he snuggled up on my lap and kept me company.

This pic isn't as flattering...and it's not as good quality because it was taken on my phone...nevertheless it's still sooo sweet. :) Since I've been sick, Pete spends a large amount of his time up here, either sleeping on my lap, watching me work, or sitting outside the door making sure I stay in bed (well, that's what Joel says he's doing...).
Ah yes, boys and girls, it has happened.
I love Pete.


Redbelt2 said...

Someone must investigate. This is NOT my daughter Grace. It is an imposter. Kaylee, you have to help me here.

Elisabeth Renee said...

I just smiled really big. That's too cute!

Kaylee said...

Momma B, I know it! Craziness! I found it odd to walk into her room and see the dog cuddling with her.. my theory is it's the cold medicine she's taking.. that has to be it!

amy said...

Yea! Im so excited you are branching out and soon hopefully you can embrace Sam, Aussie, and Max. after they calm down they are supper cuddly lap dogs!!