Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm taking a 5 min break from my homework.... tell you guys how fantastic the Potter family is. They let me come over whenever I want, if I need to do homework I know I will not be a matter of fact, if I get distracted, Bethany will come in and put me back to work. It's like having a home all the way over here in Michigan. They even bought me my very own special Potter house coffee mug! See?
Thank you God for giving me such lovely and loving people to take such good care of me continually! Ah yes, I love the Potters. :)

Joel, Owen, Jack, Bethany, and tiny Kate Lael is bangin around in Bethany's tummy. :)

Back to homework.

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jbj said...

You are loved intensely in return. We couldn't ask for a better daughter and our family is so blessed by your presence in it. We love you and thank God for your life and example to us of faith in God. Keep growing! oh and Kate's akickin' in my belly as I write. I think she must have something to say, oh she is my daughter!!!

Mama B