Friday, September 25, 2009

I am loved. :)

So I've been sick over the past few days. Today has been the worst. Sore throat...sneezing....pulsing head (yes..the entire thing pulses)...stuffy/runny nose....smokers cough...aching body (yes...the entire thing aches).....and to top it all off, I get random urges to sleep and I keep zonking completely out at the most random times. With all of the randomness that I've dealt with this semester, I couldn't afford to miss any more classes, so I made it through them today and then I was just planning on going to my dorm and sleeping all weekend.
Well, Bethany, we call her Mama B., told me to go ahead and come over for a few days and get out of the dorm. So here I sit in a comfy bed, all cozy and warm. She brought my supper up to me on a tray and now I have a nice pot of tea on the table next to me. Mom and Dad, if ever you were in doubt, fear not...I'm in good hands!!
If that isn't enough lovin' being poured upon me, my lovely friend Tori came over here tonight and dropped off some wonderful home-made chicken soup, some bread, juice, fruit popsicles..and all sorts of wonderfulness for me!
Yes, indeed, I am loved. I'm so grateful that God blessed me with these lovely people. :)
Being sick is quite bearable when you're surrounded by wonderful friends.

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