Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home sweet home :)

School is finally done! We cleaned that place like crazy and then we had graduation. Lots of people invaded my 'home' and none of us quite knew how to handle it. However, when they all left it was creepily silent in the building. I was the last one left in my dorm so I spent two days all alone. The night of graduation I spent 4 hours playing Apples to Apples with my friends Steve and Drew. They were in the same "lonely" boat as I was. Then one of my teachers, Mike Sullivan, and his wife had a group of us over to their house for dinner. It was so nice to have a home-cooked meal and just sit and talk. What beautiful people they are! On Sunday I visited a new church with Steve and Thomas and I loved it! It was a tiny, old-fashioned church....I mean really tiny. The sanctuary was about the size of my front room...maybe a little bigger, and it was PACKED! The people there were so extremely nice and welcoming. A couple from the church had me and Steve and Thomas over for lunch and are already planning a "welcome back" dinner for when we return in January. That evening Steve and I played "go fish" for over three hours. You can tell that NTBI was the happenin' place! haha You can also probably tell that Steve and I were the last ones there. Anyway, the next morning I got up at 3 in morning to head off to the airport. I was pretty nervous, I'm not gonna lie. Not really about the flying but about the whole check-in process and finding my gate.....blah, blah, blah. But as I waited for my flight I read the passage in Philippians that says not to be anxious but instead to make our requests known to God. So I prayed that I'd find my way, that there would be no turbulence on the flight, and that I'd find my way around the Dallas airport. He answered all three. So here I am. Home sweet home. I didn't realize how much I missed this place til I came back. Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers! I can't wait to see you all! For those of you who will be spending time with me over the weekend, you'll be meeting my friend from school. Be nice to him.
Love you all! Come see me!

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Anonymous said...

So good to have you home. Dad XOXOXO