Thursday, December 18, 2008


So for our Old Testament History class, we had to build a life-sized model of Goliath. Each student had to put in at least 10 hours so, between all of us, approximately 850 hours went into this dude. It started out with a wooden frame. I took the liberty to give him a heart. I drew it on the beam of wood that went through the center of his chest. And yes, I colored it black since it was full of sin and hatred for God and I made it small since he was a cruel man. Ahh I'm brilliant sometimes...and humble! haha Anyway, we wrapped chicken wire around the frame and sculpted it til we got the shape we wanted. My group was in charge of his chest and torso area....fear not, we gave him a nice six pack. Unfortunately, our amazing handiwork was covered up with cloths and armor. Darn toga. Back to the building of the gargantuan man....after the chicken wire, we paper macheed him, slapped plaster all over him, sanded him down, and painted him. Then we dressed him and he was ready for war! Here are some pictures of our masterpiece! Enjoy!

Here is the bottom half. Who would have thought that such a manly dude would wear a skirt? haha

Aaaaaand the top half.

He may not be the best looking guy.......but I'm sure he has a great personality!

Tada! What a stud!

Just to give you an idea of how big Goliath was, Drew, the taller guy on the left, he's 6'4"....doesn't even reach Goliath's hand.

And when Tom and Dave put Josh on their shoulders, he doesn't even reach Goliath's shoulder! Goliath was one big dude. David....not quite so big. But David's faith was enormous. We each have our own "Goliath" in our lives. Read the story of David and Goliath and you'll find that it's not a question of how big your giant's all about how big your GOD is!


Redbelt2 said...

Wish you would have brought THIS bad boy home with you! What a stud!

leililan said...

your school is so weird!

actaully, i like when chris tries to fit the big football player guys from east la into the kiddie Armor of God.... ahhh, i chuckle just thinking about it!