Saturday, December 6, 2008

Give it up for Tacky Christmas!

So instead of having a formal Christmas party this year at NTBI, we had a Tacky Christmas Sweater party. Those of us who couldn't manage to find a sweater just wore the tackiest Christmas outfit we could manage to find. I tried to choose pictures to show you that would give you a good idea of the phenomenal range of Christmas tackiness that was on display tonight. Enjoy. :)

Jenna and the Bettssss

We pretty much rock.

Christina, Amanda, and I. These were two of the best sweaters!

California Danny and Jessy (aka. Papa Elf)

Me and Ryan. I helped him put his fabulous outfit together. Nice, huh?
With Tessa. She had Shirley Temple curls and a rad sweater!

And finally, here's Aidy the Englishman. Get ready to meet him, yo!


leililan said...

wait... so ho do i get to meet when you come home???
you baldwins always come hoem with such fun new people!
hey.... we have to have a party when you come home!!!


Redbelt2 said...

You know, it kind of an odd way you and Jenna go together. Prob my tacky favs.
fusha, M

Redbelt2 said...

OOooooh. ooh.ooh....
The next word is bumarthy. I'll use that one often.
Your bumarthy mum, xo

Redbelt2 said...

Come home!
Cessemi, Mummy