Sunday, October 19, 2008

Total California girl!

So I got laughed at today. A lot. When we went out to go to church this morning I was astonished to see dozens of people out in the parking lot hammering away at their windshields! What the heck?!!? Then they tell me that they're trying to chip the ice away. Whoooa! Ya'll have ice on your car?!! And they laughed. So then I was driving to church and we went past a bank that had the temperature displayed on the wall. 37 degrees. That's "dead of winter" weather in California. I was pretty stoked about the whole thing. Everyone just watches me from afar while shaking their heads and chuckling at my excitement. It's phenomenal. But the funny thing is.........I'm still wearing t-shirts and flip flops...........


amy said...

Yea! The first ice! I warned you about October!! But let them laugh. They will all want to visit your family on vacations!!

leililan said...

oh the mid-westerners... and they call us crazy!!!

ps.. keep the flips on as long as you can... you, must. stay. californian.

i mean really, who else is going to guadalajara it up?

Elisabeth Renee said...




ernesto wants you to prove that it is really cold and send us a true Michigan icicle. haha he's so cute... they all said hi by the way