Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How bout some nifty photos!

Well howdy there ya'll,
I know it's been a while, but I thought I'd give you some visual ideas of my recent activities. Ready?

Last week we had "Open Dorm Night" where girls and guys can visit eachother's dorms. They gave us a theme and there was a competition to see which dorm was decorated the best. The theme was "Time Periods" or anything that had to do with time...sooo our dorm's theme was....BEDTIME! We got to wear our pj's and we put stars all over the place and turned off the lights. In this pic, Kaylee is reading a bedtime stories to our Evangelism teacher, Chris Darland, and his kids....and all the other kids on our floor.
This is me and Katie visiting Danielle (the eskimo with the spear) in the Ice Age dorm.
Although the guys didn't decorate their dorms very well, their costumes were phenomenal. This dorm (minus the ladies in the pic) had the theme of November 22, 1992. The place was full of fanny packs, dorky cloths, a walkman....and a very convincing Aladdin.
This is one of my favorite pictures. This dorm had something to do with decades. I know Chris was the 60's, Mogley is the 70's and Ryan is the 90's...but I seem to remember that Jarod (in the green pants) is the 50's or something...but that would mean we skipped the 80's...which isn't such a bad idea. haha Well, at any rate, they looked hilarious!
Moving on from dorm night to random photo shoot day. From left to right, Vayle, Whitney, Kaylee, and Me. You know which one I am because I'm the retard with my eyes closed. Then if you look behind us, you'll see Seth and Jessy waving while hanging out the second story window. Brilliant.
This is me and Brian. I heart this picture because if you look behind where we're standing, the tree is turning burgundy. Phenomenal!!

I know...let's all stand on benches and take pictures! OKAY!!!!!
Left to right: Aidy, Vayle, yours truly, and Brian

And then came Sarah's wedding. I have a fun game for you! Find Elisabeth and Peter in this pic. First one to find them get's a high five!
Julie got tired of taking pictures so I got to play with her fabulous toy and I'm very proud of my photography skills...especially in this picture.

Father & Daughter dance

Aren't my children darling?

I must say, they both looked fabulous.

Well, that's all for now. Time to go do chores. I promise I'll try to update this thing a little more often!!


leililan said...

i get a hi 5!!! can't wait for you're hot sister to be in my wedding... look how hot she is!

oh, you're cute too!

ps... make friends not war

Anonymous said...

Groovy pix, Big Bear! xo
jrbun (the word of the day)
And that's not the only reason you heart that picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow! nozfiozi is the new, new word of the day. I'm kind of addicted to these whompin' new words! xo

amy said...

I deserve a five too! b/c I know that Elisabeth and Peter were in a Lutheran church!! who would of thought that a Baldwin would get maried in a Lutheran church! You look super happy and the changing of the seasons is spectacular one thing I really do miss from the midwest! Enjoy it!!

Elisabeth Renee said...

Yeah sure you only like that pic cuz the tree is burgandy. hahahaha no wool pulled over my eyes dearie

Elisabeth Renee said...

Send me a pic of you at the wedding and i'll include it. I don't have any of you.