Sunday, October 26, 2008

This post has a dual purpose.

Number 1: It was Kaylee's birthday and we had a fabulous party!
Number 2: I got my hair chopped off. You will all be happy to know that the soccer mom look has returned. I told Amanda to do whatever she wanted to with my hair...and that's what she did. :)

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Me and Vayle...golly I love this lil lady!

Left to right: Lambchop Steve, Whitney, Brian, Scuba Steve, Bertie, Me, and Vayle

Left to right: Anna, Matty, Aidy, Chelle-Bell (Michelle), Febe, and Kristina

***These next few pics are important because I'm posting them to introduce you to a few more important people***

The dude with the feminine scarf around his neck is Eric, incredibly spastic and energetic, but hilarious. He eats any and everything. He's a keeper. Standing behind him in the green shirt is his sister Emily. Their family is oddly like my family, so I fit right in and have a blast with them.

This is Thomas.....I call him Jessica...don't ask why because I don't remember.

Aaaaaand this is Scuba Steve. He's great. He likes Jars of Clay and Veggie Tales...need I say more?

And to end this fabulous pictorial blog post, I'll add two pictures of myself. I'm the most humble person I know. I possess a vast amount of humility. It's probably my best feature. HAAAHAHAHAHAHA Just kidding. Anyway, here it goes.

In the frozen tundra of Michigan, I took a minute to pose for a photo in Lambchop Steve's trendy and incredibly warm scottish-looking hat.

I was REALLY born in the 70's. FYI.


Elisabeth Renee said...

Scuba Steve sounds cool. Glad you found a family. And you think you are vain...look at my blog haha!!!

amy said...

Is that the outback you're eating at for birthday meals??

leililan said...

ummmm.... didn't we talk about the hair before you left.. althought it does look cute... just remember my initial reaction the first time!

Redbelt2 said...

Good hair. I love you. sorseri, M

Kaylee said...

I love this post. I love you. You are vastly humble too.

Anonymous said...

You're almost as humble as I am...almost. j