Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yes, yes, yes I'm still alive...barely.

You: So Grace, what have you been up to?

Me: Oh nothing really....just homework. Oh, and homework. Oh yeah, and more homework!

Yea verily, in accordance with prophecy, it doth be true. This isn't a bad thing though, because I'm loving every second of it. I don't have very long to write because, well...I have to do homework. Ha! I'm going to just share a few thoughts that have been going around in my little brain for the past few days that have come from what I'm studying.

~In studying Bibliology, we get to know the importance of Scripture to a Christian and how important it is for us to have absolute confidence in the Bible. We need to have complete confidence in the Word of God or our faith will be undermined, shaken, and shattered. We can appreciate the light of the Bible in that it causes us to realize that we're in then guides us in the correct way to eliminate that darkness, sometimes in ways that we would never dream of. "The closer you look, the greater the Book!"

~Think of your favorite song. You play it all the time, right? If you listen to that same song, but without the words...only the instruments, you would enjoy it more than someone who hadn't heard the song, because you know the words. Even if they aren't being played, you still know them and therefore get more out of the instrumental version than the other person. Well, we stand alongside many non-believers and see nature and the awesomeness of creation. What's the difference? We have the Bible, the Word of God. We have the "words" that go with the song of creation and therefore get much more out of it. That alone should inspire us to share the "words" with those who don't know them!!

~Satan is relentless. We will always have circumstances that give us a "reason" not to move forward in faith. That's exactly what he wants.

~Many times, the only thing that stops us from doing something stupid is the fear of punishment...not remorse for what we're about to do.

I'll stop there for now. One other thing though....I went to community college for 2 years. I put up with a lot of junk there and eventually accepted the fact that my faith and my God would be bashed on a daily basis. Today, my Evangelism teacher, Chris, came into class and told us all to stand up. We then proceeded to open class by singing "How Deep The Father's Love." No accompaniment.....just 80 voices in a small, crowded classroom declaring "His wounds have paid my ransom!"
What a different atmosphere from Cerritos College. Did I mention that I love this school? :)


stargazer said...

Share God's song.. His word endure forever. Amen miss Gracie.. keep keeping on proclaiming His name.

leililan said...

"Many times, the only thing that stops us from doing something stupid is the fear of punishment...not remorse for what we're about to do."

i love this. i want to tattoo it to myself, because i know this applies to me too.

thank you gracie lou, for reminding about how much i suck... and that i need to run naked, focusing only on Jesus!!

love you!

Brandi Bee said...

Awe Gracie it sounds like you are having so much fun and loving bible college! i knew you would... bible college is AmAzing!!!
the non-bible collegers are sure missing out haa :-)

love you

your hours away bible college friend~ Brandi!