Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The thought of the day....

One of our speakers taught on courage today. In one of his illustrations, he was pointing out that we need to look beyond this life to eternity. He talked about how he was going to drive home to Pennsylvania today. During that drive, he would probably stop at some point in some small, no name town to get a bite to eat. He would probably spend all of 45 min there. How ridiculous would it be for him to call that town home? It was just a small part of the long drive home. Therefore, why would we get comfortable and focus only on this life when it is only a speck on the time-line of eternity? Life is a stepping stone that gets us on toward eternal life with Christ, therefore we should be courageous in using it well for the Kingdom. If God is with us, why should we be afraid to sacrifice comfort to reach out to others and make this life worth while?

Classes start tomorrow. :)


stargazer said...

well said.. let us be courageous for our fight is here and now.. this home is just a rest stop for us to glorify God.. thanks Gracie for sharing yur insights.

leililan said...

yay!!! class!!! did i tell you that i get to take that stats class??

ps... we're missing you out here!