Saturday, August 23, 2008

Picture time!!

Let me start off my introducing ya'll to my roomies.

Angie, Me, Jenna, Katie, and Kaylee

Pointing at.......?

We don't have beds in our dorm. We all sleep on this couch.

And sometimes that makes us cranky and we get angry.
But life is good in the end. We have a fantastic time together!

So, in various parts of the country, they have Civil War reenactments. No really....they do. Hundreds of grown men spend the day dressed in Civil War garb shooting fake guns at each other. It was truly phenomenal. I enjoyed it greatly! I totally wanted to go out on the battlefield for a closer look....but don't worry, I contained my excitement and stayed put.

This was the funny little infantry band. While we were listening to them, I was thinking...these people have to get together and practice sometime......can you imagine being their next door neighbor?! In the middle of the night you hear the "oom pa pa" of Yankee Doodle for 2 hours. haha I laughed when I had that thought.

This would be the part where they shoot the fake guns at each other. It was slightly hilarious. I thought I'd make the pic black and white so it would seem a little more authentic.

This is my favorite picture. You can see all of the "dead" men on the battlefield. haha!! The "battle" took about an hour so some of them just stayed there on the ground for most of the time. It was funny, because several of them took the opportunity to catch up with each other and chat it up a bit. There were huge bangs from cannons and muskets going off and dudes running and riding horses all over the place while shouting at the top of their lungs, and here these guys are on the ground propped up on one elbow just having a grand old time talking to each other. It was great. haha

Katie, Alysse, Bill (aka. Billiam), and Me walking back from the stimulating event.

I have more pics of both my roomies and the Civil War on my facebook for those who are so inclined.

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I just can't stop being concerned about this........but that's ok I still love you dufus. me