Sunday, June 20, 2010

I think the world of this man!

Happy Father's day to my Daddy!!
I set out to look through my pictures, hoping to find maybe 2 or 3 good pictures of him to post on here.....aaaaaaand found about 9 million of them. It's taken some weeding through, but here are some pictures that portray some of the wonderful sides of his personality, his loves and interests, and hopefully give you an idea of how we, his family, think of him. :)

First and foremost, he married the most wonderful woman in the world. She is his Queen and he treats her like one. Never in our lives have we (my sibs and I) ever doubted his undying love for my mom. Kudos to you Mom for marrying such an amazing man! You are one blessed woman!

Yeah, that's right....MY Dad plays the tuba. Can your dad top that? Didn't think so. ;)

He's always had a soft spot for babies. He loves them, and, lucky for him, they love him too. My mom and I can attest to the sadness a person feels when they love to hold babies, but every time we touch them, the little boogers throw back their head and wail! My dad has been a wonderful father to each one of his 5 kids. And he's going to be a fantastic grandpa when the time comes!!

Seriously, I could have never asked for a better Dad. He's a goof-ball, he's a comforter, he's a wonderful listener, he gives the best hugs in the world, and he has a remarkable sense of humor. He has always worked so hard to make sure that his family would be cared for. You walk in his office at work and there are pictures of us all over....they serve to remind him why he is there day after day. He has raised a son who knows how to be a gentleman and takes care of his sisters. (Whatever girl manages to capture the heart of my brother Peter is going to be one lucky woman!!) He has raised 4 daughters who love cars, airplanes, and know more about concrete and construction than most guys. He takes care of our family, both of my grandmas, and my great aunt, all while working long days at a strenuous job. But through all of the stress he deals with each day, he is still such a wonderful example of how we are to rely on the Lord. Everything points back to God. He loves to sit around and talk about the Scripture! I could go on and on about him!!!

So Happy Father's Day to my Dad!!! I'd like to honor my father who was so influential in teaching me about OUR heavenly Father!

I love you Pops!!!


Elisabeth Renee said...

hear hear!! love you daddy!

leililan said...

i heart your dad! but in answer to your statement.. my dad IS better than yours!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sweetie. So, do you want to go out for steak or fish? Much love to you as you follow Him, Dad (Pops)