Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A day in the Joti tribe

Here is a picture of my group in "the tribe" during our senior trip at Wayumi getting a taste of language study in the Joti tribe. It was funny because we knew that it wasn't a real tribal person....but he played the part so well that it was so easy to forget that he was someone that we interacted with every day there. The last day we did this, at the very end of our session, we were trying to say goodbye to him and couldn't figure it out. So there we sat, talking amongst ourselves trying to figure out the culturally acceptable way to excuse ourselves without being offensive and he finally started laughing and said "there is no way to say goodbye in Joti!" I think it made my brain twitch! Everything inside of me was saying that this wasn't Steve, it was an honest to goodness Joti man who spoke no english! haha Really though, this was such an amazing time! I loved it!

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CS said...

I like your t-shirt. Did you learn how to say "Soli Deo Gloria" in Joti?