Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who needs a boyfriend!?

My lovely mother sent me and my roomies some lovely candy in a festive valentines bowl.

My daddy had some See's candies shipped to me here in MI. As unholy as it sounds, I don't plan on sharing. Unless there is a chocolate with a bunch of girls, that could be very likely. We'll see.

And this is the cherry on top. :) I sat at my lonely desk in the library on Friday, stamping books, shelving, organizing, and all that other fun stuff, and my friend Kaylee walked through the door with THESE! Phenomenal! Elisabeth sent me flowers. I was so excited! Thank you sissy!!!

Who needs a boyfriend when you have family like this?!


Elisabeth Renee said...

wow cool desk...i wish i had one like that. and the flowers are pretty too

Redbelt2 said...

Be sure to share the bag of hearts... some for everyone's bowl. xo, and thanks for being my first follower!!! Ah, what an exciting weekend!!!
Huradogi (be sure to say this one out loud... you will surely exclaim it out loud in the library!!)