Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Once again....I fell off the face of the planet....

I don't have time to sit and write about everything that's gone on in the last 3 weeks, but let's suffice it to say that it's been one of the most eventful times of my life. Some if it incredibly good, some of it incredibly bad. I know my communication with the outside world has been horrible, but know that I've been thinking of you all and praying for you and I WILL call at some point. Once I get my homework under control, I'll get on here and fill you all in on the update with my leg condition and then give an overview of my extremely fabulous birthday. :) Both of those require time. I love and miss you all back at home!!!

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leililan said...

i heard about your fab bday from lizzy... totally jealous! i'd love to hase someone push me around in a wheelchair!
love ya!

ps.... stop disappearing