Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh ME of little faith.....PART 2

My dad and I have been driving to and from work together every day. Well, last week I decided to bring along our radio drama CD's of the Chronicles of Narnia. I love the stories and I find it so interesting and wonderful that C.S. Lewis wove the stories, pictures, and concepts of Scripture into his books. As I'm sure you all know, God is represented in Narnia by the great lion Aslan. We were listening to "The Magician's Nephew" the other day when something really stood out to me. At one point, 2 children are making a great journey for Aslan along with a horse (that speaks...I totally want a talking horse.) When they stop for the night, the children declare that they are hungry and wonder why Aslan didn't give them food. The horse inquires if they asked him for food. The young boy says "I should think that He would know our needs without us having to ask." The horse replies "It is true that he already knows our needs, but I've a sovereign idea that he likes to be asked."
How often do we use the "he already knows our needs" line as a substitution for actually bringing our requests before Him? Of course He already knows, but He still likes to be asked. He still wants us to talk to Him about it. This is definitely something that God is showing me in my life on a daily basis.

So as I've continued to pray that God would provide for my upcoming school semester, I continue to be astonished at His faithfulness. I don't know why that astonishes me...He is God. I guess I'm just a doubter...didn't know it until now. That knowledge is very humbling, as you can probibly imagine.

So after the $100 I received in my last post, that same lovely family gave me another $100 the next sunday. I was completely speechless. I didn't even know how to thank them, but they said that God is blessing them right now and they wanted to share that blessing with me as well. Wow Grace, keep praying!

Then I just received a letter in the mail from a young couple who are very near and dear to my heart and in it was $150. Every time I see God answering my prayer, tears fill my eyes as I see my faithlessness compared to God's unending faithfulness! He continues to provide, even when I doubt.

Then as the cherry on top, I found out today that I got a $2.00 raise. I was at the point where I was certain that God would bring all the money I would need for tuition, and then immediately began to worry about getting enough money to buy my books. I'm so ready to just take care of things myself instead of taking them to God. After almost an entire summer of self reliance and worry, I've seen the amazing blessings that God is just waiting to lavish on us if we would just ask Him. What a good God we serve!!

Thanks for your prayers and support! I love you guys so much!


leililan said...
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leililan said...

i think it's really hard for all of us to put "me" on hold and put all our hope and faith in God and what He can do.

i'm glad to see our prayers from Resolved for you to put your faith in Him and not in you are being answered... little by little!

stop worrying! jusk ask! Delight in Him and He will grant you what is in your heart!